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Anyone need a good Keeva story on this gloomy day? On Sunday, Keeva pawed Martina to wake her up. Martina was super tired, and felt absolutely fine, so she pretended she was still asleep. Keeva then got up on the bed and pounced on her arms, whining and pawing at her. Martina laughed and told her “thank you” which is the phrase she uses to let Keeva know she got the alert. If she doesn’t tell her that, Keeva will keep alerting. Martina felt tired but no anaphylaxis or hives. Strange. Keeva has been sticking to her like glue. More than usual. Martina can’t take a shower without her trying to get in with her 😂 and this dog hates getting wet. She is waking her up and coming to get me too (not funny Keeva - 1 am is getting old) Well, low and behold, Martina woke up the next day with a sore throat. She has strep AGAIN. She’s on another antibiotic. We are learning Keeva - yes Keeva - you are always right. ❤️💕 oh and we love you soooo much and thankful to you every day

K and Martina
Delivered Jan 5 2019

Here is Stella in Connecticut helping her human at the hospital.
It has been some year. Stella is a true rock star.
She has helped Kara by alerting so she can medicate on so many occasions and she can avoid anaphylaxis! This has been a great thing for all of us!
Giving Kara more independence!!
What a great job Stella!!
We have been on many adventures
Like camping 2 years in a row!!
Due to Kara’s medical condition Stella and Kara had to stay on lock down for the last several months (6 months)
Because of Covid .. been tough for all ..
But we can’t wait to see what the future brings!!

Stella and Kara-Anne
Delivered August 18, 2019

I want to thank my family and friends for their support in joining my team at this mast cell walk last weekend, donating, or helping me deal with the many ups and downs in my life (the past month or two have been difficult, I actually had to drop my college classes this semester and move back home).And of course, I could never forget to thank my wonderful Superhero service dog Luna 💞 She did such a wonderful job helping me limit my mast cell reactions by alerting on me to warn me when I needed to put on my mask (to filter mast cell triggers in the air), or use more IV Benadryl before I became too symptomatic, etc. Mast Cell Diseases are horrible in so many ways, but it’s also amazing how it’s brought us together as we fight back side by side.

Luna and Aimee
Delivered August 1, 2019

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Onyx's owners friends are so amazed at how Onyx keeps her human safe, they wrote a book about her !!

Driving to work today and Onyx starts acting like a total lunatic, panting and whining SO freaking loud! This is one of two things: either she’s about to have explosive diarrhea or she’s trying to alert from the back seat. We pulled off the freeway and there was zero explosive diarrhea, not even a poop or pee, lol. And look at my puffy flushed face! Not sure why my double chin doesn’t change color😂 I love my girl! ! ! Just a girl and her service dog! Living the dream!

Onyx and Cami
Delivered March 16, 2020

A Day In The Life of a Heroine

Service dogs bring freedom to their partners 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. A person partnered with a service dog has full public access rights as granted by federal law (The Americans With Disabilities Act), which allows them to take their dog into all public facilities.

Service dogs are never separated from their human partners! A competent service dog program spends two years preparing each dog for its working life. Service dogs must be physically sound, temperamentally stable, happy working partners.

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