Detection Dog Seminars

If you are interested in sponsoring a seminar or workshop, please email us. All the seminars can be done as workshops. Seminars are usually two hours long online (Zoom) and workshops are two day affairs. A seminar may be defined as a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing a stated topic. Such gatherings are usually interactive sessions where the participants engage in discussions about the delineated topic.

Seminars are $5 per attendee

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Service Dogs - The Essentials and The Extraordinary

Come learn about the new breed of Service Dog, how they are trained and the range of services they can be trained to provide. And especially learn how these incredible dogs are our heros.

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Service Dog Laws In the United States

A service dog is a type of assistance dog specifically trained to help people who have disabilities, such as visual impairment, hearing impairments, mental illnesses (such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)), seizure disorder, mobility impairment, and diabetes.
According to law (2011 American’s With Disabilities Act from the Department of Justice).  

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Owner Training a Service Dog - The Advantages and the Problems

During the last decade, the use of service dogs has rapidly expanded. However, more problems have arisen, and these may be caused by a lack of understanding of service dog training, working functions, and access to public facilities

 The ADA does not require service dogs to be professionally trained. Individuals with disabilities have the right to train a service dog themselves and are not required to use a professional service dog trainer or training program.

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Don't Touch Me - What To Do When People Just Have to Pet Your Service Dog

Do you find it hard to resist petting dogs or offering them treats, even if they’re not yours? That’s sweet! However, service dogs are not regular pets. And that means that you can’t pet service dogs.

Despite their irresistible cuteness, petting them is distracting at best and dangerous at worst. And knowing proper service dog etiquette can save you, the handler, and the dog a lot of trouble.

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He's Not a Robot - Yes, Service Dogs Can Make Mistakes

Service dogs are not robots, they are not perfect.

In reality, they have bad days, off days, sick days and can make mistakes. A highly-trained service dog will perform well 98% of the time, but the other 2% can cause severe stress if you expect perfection, that is too much pressure for both you and your dog.

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Willingness Is The Only Currency - Your Service Dog Should Love His Job

While some may believe that working dogs do so without any free will, this is actually not the case. A dog that does not want to be a service dog, will not be a service dog (assuming their trainer/handler has the insight to respect their dog’s choice). In fact, understanding and listening to what our dogs are showing and telling us is how we can ensure those who do make it as working dogs are happy with their job.

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Work VS Play - Can A Service Dog Have Time Off To Just Be A Dog

To an outsider, it may seem service dogs work all the time. But to fully honor and nurture the dog's spirit, it is essential they get to play, relax and recuperate! Even hard-working service dogs need to play and relax! These incredible working dogs must get plenty of downtime to just “be a dog.”

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Intelligent Disobedience - Should Your Service Dog Be Able to Say "No" To You

There are many reasons to allow and even teach a dog to say no. Perhaps the most obvious example is what service dog trainers call intelligent disobedience. These dogs, whose reliability is life-or-death, actually need to be able to make independent judgments about what's safe for themselves and their handlers

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Damaged - How to Help Your Service Dog After Being Attacked

Alongside the physical scars of the wounds they have gained, the dog may be emotionally scarred from the traumatic event, and you will need to be on the lookout for behavior that might indicate your dog has been affected in this way.

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